sorry I’m late

since last posting here I reviewed DIY lounge-popper Mega Bog and avant-rock grungie PC Worship over at Tiny Mix Tapes. I liked both of ’em pretty well as you’d see

other than that, lately I’ve been listening to a lil more electronic & hardcore:

Night Gaunt Recordings (Los Angeles) & their two latest releases of minimal industrial/techno. Digging into this label lately and liking their curatorial consistency. small variances in style and sound between artists create an interesting collective identity. in the case of these last two releases, Ponce’s slightly more complex arrangements draw a huge difference from the grid-locked sequenced minimalism of Adiós Mondo Cruel’s death meditations. good for basking in the sunbathed structures of American industry (gray ond gold stuff)..

Golden Donna’s release from last month is a breather on the ambient-house side but def lowercase on both of those terms. money from it goes to good places so support if you can:

also been appreciating Dotson’s latest release from Already Dead Tapes. more words to come on it, but check it out while you’re hear…

lastly, this shit still rips and I can’t stop with it:



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