a little bit (softer now)

OKAY, I’ve been meaning to post about some music for a while now…

last week I mined bandcamp DLs via Noel Gardener’s nice punk rock roundup column and mix over at The Quietus.

Score’s demo is really onto something else.. the darker step-cousin of Woolf (sharing members) (found on LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS) (“should’ve seen you fucking coming”), Score’s queer-core pummels through minimalistic word-sound meditational bellows. seriously so heavy, I listened while I drove Andy on the first hot day of 2017 and when it was over I said “that was cool” and Andy was like “yeah, that ruled.”

Noel champions Pinkgrip on the column. at the right scene they scatter organs and let bleed but I’m most interested because any band that starts their first release with a theme song (“we’re pink grip”) has a big picture view square and steady.

less raucous than either, Matt told me to check out R. Ariel because I guess they just moved to LA(?) I ordered their tape Identified Demon as part of my bandcamp day haul and it’s one of these rare albums with high re-listenability, high emotive energy, and low drama. these songs are so minimal, so nicely recorded, and so welcoming that they’re really there for you. it got Erika and I talking about the bullshit sentiment that songs ever really have to go anywhere as long as the elements are all Just Right. reminded me of the J-Lew line: “it’s hard to get too bored when you pick the right two chords.”

in another other direction, DO NOT MISS Jepeto Solutions’ “semi-debut” self-titled EP out as of last week on the LA label Nicey Music. clearly something of a recording project, this thing sneers nicely at the lines and debates between sincerity and irony, guitars and electronics, song forms and art forms. listen and look. hear the delicate “little women, little women, hey” or the wild “Buzzard On The Cover.” give over to the softy softly.

lastly for now, Fire-Toolz. Drip Mental is on ‘nother plane and hideous about it. imagine if cold Norwegian black metal church-burners started vibing to James Ferraro vapor and classic electroclash simultaneously and honestly didn’t see the difference between any of it and proceeded to make the harshest darkest hokiest shit. it’s about the internet but its not even about that, it’s about more than that. (*LOOK BEHIND YOU*


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